MXLX - ^___^


  • £12.99

Released in 2015, MXLX (aka Matt Loveridge aka Team Brick)'s ^___^ is  a free-ranging suite of analogue noise, black metal, squally electronics and folk-harmonics.


  1. These are Hammers in Motion What Obliterate Completely the Morose Walls of our Own Failure, The Tumult of Which More Sonorous Then Any Bastarding Trumpet
  2. To Bollocks with You, Scum-Sodden Malcontent! I Blistered The Path Myself! My House is Upfill, It’s an Airship and it’s Fucking Wicked M8
  3. Magnificent Upfuck for The Most Totally Joyousest Motherfuckinest Sweet Eyes You (hahaha wheee!)


Limited to 250 copies. Housed in oversized polythene sleeve with foldout colour poster designed by MXLX (on Ms Paint), personally roached and hand-stamped in one corner.


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