Movietone - The Blossom Filled Streets


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Released in the summer of 2000, Movietone's third album, The Blossom Filled Streets, paints tender and shimmering dream-like avant-pop and drawn-out moments - songs that suddenly break out like a dawn, and drift off on a gentle sea of interlacing melodies and rhythms. 

Formed in Bristol in 1994 by Kate Wright and Rachel Brook (Flying Saucer Attack), and soon joined by Matt Jones (Crescent) on drums and Matt Elliott (Third Eye Foundation) on guitar, The Blossom Filled Streets marks the first record to feature Sam Jones (Crescent, The Balky Mule) replacing Elliott on guitar, as well as contributions by Florence Lovegrove and Chris Cole (Manyfingers). 

Flawless and implacably timeless, this is an album of precise experimentation and melodic beauty that never gives in to its own melancholy, but, rather, radiates gently;  luminous and hopeful. 


  1. Hydra 
  2. Star Ruby 
  3. 1930's Beach House 
  4. Year Ending 
  5. The Blossom Filled Streets 
  6. Porthcurno 
  7. Seagulls/Bass 
  8. In A Marine Light 
  9. Night In These Rooms 


  • LP housed in reverse board sleeve with four-page insert
  • LP and CD will ship with an original Movietone promo postcard from the time of the album's release 
  • Please note: these copies are the remaining tour-stock from the band. Copies were never sealed, and having been stored for twenty years, the LP sleeves have light marks (foxing) caused by damp conditions. However the records themselves are in perfect condition  



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