Black Angel Drifter by Morton Valence on Cow Pie Records (the album cover is a fake-distressed photograph of two people holding guns in old-timey clothes and smiling)

Morton Valence - Black Angel Drifter


  • £9.99

This, the seventh studio offering from Urban Country duo Morton Valence (Anne Gilpin and Robert ‘Hacker’ Jessett), started life as their experimental side-project back in 2016. Notwithstanding more recent events, 2016 was quite a year, and whilst the band were preoccupied with other ventures Black Angel Drifter would bide its time. Fast forward to 2020 - a year that will unquestionably go down in the annals of history - and ‘Black Angel Drifter’s extraordinary sentiment could not resonate louder. 

Legendary UK country label Cow Pie Ltd’s - established in 1978 by BJ Cole and Hank Wangford - sensibilities were especially tweaked and they were convinced it was time this spectacular album finally got the airing it has always deserved, remastered and repackaged for a new era. 

The album features ten tracks. From the explosive intro of ‘Skylines Change / Genders Blur’, coming at you like the illegitimate lovechild of The Jesus and Mary Chain and Ennio Morricone, to the down-at-heel ‘Black-Eyed Susan’, replete with sweaty priest and bullwhips. 

“Country is about the spirit, not the trappings, something understood by Londoners Morton Valence on the harrowing, cinematic ‘urban country’ of their current album ’Left’…” - The Guardian 


  1. Skylines Change 
  2. Black Eyed Susan 
  3. Sister Pain 
  4. The Visit 
  5. The Man in the Long Black Coat 
  6. If I Could Start Again 
  7. Trail of Tears 
  8. Lead On 
  9. Hymn 
  10. Crickets 8am 



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