The Early Years 1964-1965 by Monks on Light In The Attic

Monks - The Early Years 1964-1965


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The Monks were five beat playing American GIs stationed in Germany who, after their discharge, decided to stay and continue their musical mission. Meeting up with a team of local managers, they transformed themselves and their sound into a holy racket like the world had never known. The Early Years 1964-1965 contains the primal sound of a band ready to both defend and destroy the preconceptions of what Rock music was (and is) all about. Numerous period photographs (many unseen) and an extensive two-part essay by Canadian music journalist Kevin Howe's accompanies this release and tells The Monks story like it has never been told.


  1. Monk Time
  2. Love Came Tumbling Down
  3. Boys Are Boys
  4. Space Age
  5. We Do Wie Du
  6. i Hate You
  7. Pretty Suzanne
  8. Higgle-Dy-Piggle-Dy
  9. Hushie Pushie
  10. Oh, How We Do Now
  11. Boys Are Boys
  12. There She Walks



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