Mirah - Changing Light

Mirah - Changing Light


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Changing Light is Mirah's fifth solo album, released in 2014, and the debut release on her own imprint, Absolute Magnitude Recordings.

Mirah wrote Changing Light in the years-long aftermath of a punishing breakup. Maybe it's the amount of time it took for the material to gestate, or maybe it's the thoughtfulness and patience gleaned from a nearly 20-year career, but Changing Light keeps looking at her ache from wise angles. Nervy and sonically inventive in spots, tender and graceful in others, it's a breakup record that eschews childish outbursts and pointless wallowing.

"So this is anger / I've never known her," Mirah sings in the album-opening 'Goat Shepherd.' That line sums up much of what makes Changing Light resonate: it assesses unfamiliar emotions and bruising circumstances through the prism of a worldview that's never made much room for petty meanness. The hurt feels more real this way, the anger channelled via disappointed seething rather than furniture-flinging catharsis.

Along the way, Mirah - who recorded the album piecemeal in spots scattered across the country - recruited musical assistance from Mary Timony, Jherek Bischoff, and members of Deerhoof and tUnE-yArDs, among others. All give her ample breathing space, with plenty of room left over for hollowed-out resignation. but Changing Light, like the singer herself, keeps returning to the right place: a spot where pain is examined as a means of achieving perspective, rather than an end unto itself.


  1. Goat Shepherd
  2. Oxen Hope
  3. Turned the Heat Off
  4. Gold Rush
  5. Fleetfoot Ghost
  6. I Am the Garden
  7. No Direction Home
  8. 24th St.
  9. LC
  10. Radiomind


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