Mirah - Advisory Committee


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Released by K Records in 2002, Mirah's second album, Advisory Committee, is a triumphant follow-up to 2000's pitch-perfect debut, 2000's You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This

Innovative and brooding, Advisory Committee , as with her debut, was co-produced by Mirah and Phil Elvrum, who had previously worked together in The Microphones. While the album builds on the minimalist left-field indie-pop of You Think It's Like This..., the album opener 'Cold Cold Water' is an masterpiece of sweeping orchestration and epic lo-fi production, and is one of the pinnacles of both artists' careers. 


LP reissued on Double Double Whammy also available now from radio/ON 


  1. Cold Cold Water 
  2. After You Left 
  3. Make It Hot 
  4. Mt. St. Helens 
  5. Recommendation 
  6. Body Below 
  7. The Sun 
  8. Advisory Committee 
  9. Special Death 
  10. The Garden 
  11. Light the Match 
  12. Apples in the Trees 
  13. Monument 
  14. Untitled 


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