Miki Yui - Aperio!


  • £20.99

Miki Yui is known for her unique minimalist and organic approach to experimental music. The title of her seventh solo album Aperio! is derived from the latin origin of April, "aperire" meaning “to open” or “to reveal”. Hinting at the way her music unveils another reality which is hidden beneath the surface.

The Düsseldorf based Japanese artist approaches the world around her from a sensual perspective rather than in an analytic-logical way. Miki Yui says: "In my music, I play the game of turning the abstract into concrete and vice versa.“ Her music evokes dream-scapes and the natural world - both warm and inviting but at times irritatingly cold and airless.


  1. Listening (oneness)
  2. Dancing (swamp)
  3. Chanting (afar)
  4. Dreaming (now)
  5. Rhyming (colours)
  6. Breathing (buds)
  7. Babbling (mono) 

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