The Middle Ones - There You Made Me Funny


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Playing love songs to their friends; bittersweet and optimistic, never hokey, The Middle Ones (Anna Knowles and Grace Denton) sing with defiant charm and an unpretentious deep deep wisdom - of the type you'll find in only the very best pop music!

Recorded at Humm in Norwich with Nicol Parkinson (FrozyPalomica), the eagerly-anticipated new album, There You Made Me Funny, is bold and bright and shimmers in a haze of harmony and lo-fi post-pop simplicity, that brings to mind the tender joy of indie-pop heart-throbs The Softies, Heavenly, and Tattle Tale.

Where their previous two albums - 2011's It Is The Rehearsal That Will Make This and 2012's Slow And Steady, both recorded with Headfall's Michal William - took a more experimental acoustic approach, and saw Grace and Anna joined by various musicians, building up walls of sometimes-cacophonous echo, the new album strips things back primarily to a minimal guitar/drum duo, with only the occasional complementary accompaniment from Nicol and Eve Phillips (Ace Bushy StripteaseOkinawa Picture Show) - a sound that will be familiar to anyone that's had their hearts stolen at a Middle Ones show.

Following a string of releases on Where It's At Is Where You Are, stitch-stitch, Discount Horse, Plan-It-X (split with Best Friends Forever) and Tuff Enuff, There You Made Me Funny will be the first on the band's own Both Both Records, and is a welcome reminder of why they hold such a special place in the heart of the UK DIY scene.


  1. Lucky
  2. All The Way Home
  3. Cromer
  4. Hana
  5. O.M.C.
  6. Waking Up
  7. I Liked You Straight Away
  8. To Look Loud
  9. Oh Brother
  10. We Go
  11. The Place


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