McKinley Dixon - For My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like Her


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For My Mama And Anyone Who Look Like Her, McKinley Dixon’s debut album on Spacebomb, is the culmination of a journey where heartbreak and introspection challenged him to adapt new ways of communicating physically and mentally, as well as across time and space. 

The album challenges Black people to revisit more than one timeline and question everything they’ve been taught about processing grief in order to rebuild their present and future selves. There’s no definitive end to the darkness and trauma of the past, but this album is a stepping stone in Dixon’s pursuit of moving forward, and being a voice for Black people still learning how to advocate for themselves. 

"Everything I've learned about communication for this album culminates with this bigger question about time. Is time linear when you’re still healing and processing? Westerners look at time travel as something to conquer or control - it's a colonizer mindset. That’s ignoring how time travel can be done through stories and non-verbal communication.” 

“The best way to sum up this album is: I was sad, I was mad, and now I’m alive,” Dixon explains. “These things I talk about on the record have had harmful and brilliant effects on my timeline, and have forced me to be cognizant of the fact that living is complex. Rap has allowed me the language to communicate, and be someone who can communicate with people from all over. Knowing how far I’ve come, I think people will find trust in the message I’m sending.” 

Dixon taps into jazz and avant-garde composition throughout the album, with an array of live instrumentation strings, horns, percussion, and angelic vocalists at times replacing beats altogether. The album also includes features by Micah James, Gold MidasAbby TMs Maylin BrownTeller Bank$Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon, Pink Siifu, Alfred., and Deau Eyes


  1. Chain Sooo Heavy 
  2. Never Will Know 
  3. Bless The Child 
  4. Make A Poet Black 
  5. Protective Styles 
  6. Swangin’ 
  7. Brown Shoulders 
  8. B.B.N.E 
  9. Grown Man Voice 
  10. Mama’s Home 
  11. Twist My Hair 


  • LP pressed on opaque mango-colour vinyl and presented with obi-strip 
  • CD housed in gatefold card sleeve with 4mm spine 
  • Artwork by Amber Pierce & Travis Robertson 





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