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McCarthy - Complete Albums, Singles And BBC Collection


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Hailing from Barking, Essex, McCarthy are today considered one of the standard bearing politically inclined bands of 80's indie - possessed of a broader outlook and wittier, well-observed lyrics than a lot of other bands of the era. Formed in 1984 by school friends Malcolm Eden, Tim Gane, John Williamson, and Gary Baker, they were later joined by Laetitier Sadier. 

This four-disc set comprises the bands three albums, I Am A Wallet (1987), The Enraged Shall Inherit The Earth (1989). and Banking, Violence And The Inner Life Today (1990), related singles and b-sides, and the sixteen track John Peel and Janice Long BBC sessions, most of which are previously unreleased. 

McCarthy disbanded in 1990 and Tim Gane and Laetitier Sadier shortly afterwards formed Stereolab, one of the most innovative bands of the 90's, who, similarly, would fuse leftist/socialist lyrics with brilliantly inventive hook-laden pop music. 



I Am A Wallet (plus bonus tracks): 
  1. An MP Speaks 
  2. Monetaries 
  3. The International Narcotics Traffic 
  4. The Way Of The World 
  5. Antinature 
  6. Charles Windsor 
  7. The Vision Of Peregrine Worsthorne 
  8. The Well Of Loneliness 
  9. The Wicked Palace Revolution 
  10. God Made The Virus 
  11. The Funeral 
  12. A Child Soon In Chains 
  13. In The Dark Times 
  14. The Procession Of Popular Capitalism 
  15. In Purgatory * 
  16. The Comrade Era * 
  17. Something Wrong Somewhere * 
  18. Red Sleeping Beauty * 
  19. From The Damned * 
  20. The Enemy Is At Home * 
  21. The Fall * 
  22. Kill Kill Kill Kill * 
  23. Bad Dreams * 
  24. Someone Worse Off * 
  25. Antiamericancretin * 
  26. Unfortunately * 
  27. This Nelson Rockefeller * 

The Enraged Shall Inherit The Earth (plus bonus tracks): 
  1. Boy Meets Girl So What 
  2. Governing Takes Brains 
  3. An Address To The Better Off 
  4. Hands Off Or Die 
  5. What Our Boys Are Fighting For 
  6. Keep An Open Mind Or Else 
  7. We Are All Born Creeps 
  8. The Home Secretary Briefs The Forces Of Law And Order 
  9. I'm Not A Patriot But 
  10. Throw Him Out He's Breaking My Heart 
  11. Should The Bible Be Banned? * 
  12. We Are All Bourgeois Now * 
  13. Saint Francis Amongst The Mortals * 
  14. Boy Meets Girl So What (‘At War’ EP version) * 
  15. All Your Questions Answered * 
  16. The New Left Review #2 * 
  17. The Lion Will Lay Down With The Lamb * 

 Banking, Violence And The Inner Life Today (plus bonus tracks): 
  1. I'm On The Side Of Mankind As Much As The Next Man 
  2. And Tomorrow The Stock Exchange Will Be The Human Race 
  3. Now Is The Time For An Iron Hand 
  4. The Drinking Song Of The Merchant Bankers 
  5. Write To Your MP Today 
  6. Use A Bank I'd Rather Die 
  7. I Worked Myself Up From Nothing 
  8. The Well-Fed Point Of View 
  9. Get A Knife Between Your Teeth 
  10. Take The Shortest Way With The Men Of Violence 
  11. You'll Have To Put An End To Them 
  12. Nobody Could Care Less About Your Private Life * 
  13. The One Eye On Getting  Their Pay * 
  14. Can The Haves Use Their Brains? * 
  15. You're Alive * 

 The Complete BBC Sessions (1986-1988): 
  1. A Child Soon In Chains 
  2. Frans Hals 
  3. An MP Speaks 
  4. Antinature 
  5. The Wicked Palace Revolution 
  6. The Vision Of Peregrine Worsthorne 
  7. The Well Of Loneliness 
  8. Monetaries 
  9. Charles Windsor 
  10. The Funeral 
  11. Should The Bible Be Banned? 
  12. This Nelson Rockefeller 
  13. The Myth Of The North-South Divide 
  14. I'm Not A Patriot But 
  15. Keep An Open Mind Or Else 
  16. The Lion Will Lie Down With The Lamb 

* Bonus tracks 


  • 4CD set packaged in mini LP replica wallets housed in a hard clamshell case 
  • Includes booklet 








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