Mazzy Star - Ghost Highway


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In the winter of 1994, a year after the release of the sublime So Tonight That I Might See, Mazzy Star, the band centred around the duo of Hope Sandoval and David Roback, found themselves still touring and promoting the album. Some of the songs on this live record are from that album, including the hit single 'Fade Into You', others are taken from the critically acclaimed debut, 1990's She Hangs Brightly, whilst the rest would eventually be recorded for their next album, Among My Swan, released two years later in 1996.

Recorded live in concert in Chicago and Los Angeles, this double album captures a band at an emotive peak, effortlessly weaving their sombre songs around a spellbound audience.


  1. Flowers In December
  2. Ride It On
  3. Into Dust
  4. Give You My Lovin’
  5. Fade Into You
  6. Halah
  7. Ghost Highway
  8. Blue Flower
  9. Mary of Silence
  10. Flowers In December
  11. Bells Ring
  12. Blue Flower
  13. Halah
  14. So Tonight, That I Might See


Double LP, pressed on purple vinyl


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