Maxine Funke - Séance


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The voice of Funke is a distinctive instrument, one which perfectly elucidates her sometimes confessional, at other times deeply inward allusions to love, loss, joy and disquiet. Lyrics grounded in observation and adventure (“Eyeballs, asphalt, grass clippings, peppercorns”) unravel into uneasy truths daubed in self-consciousness and forbidden desire (“I’m not shy/ There's just a sparkle in your eye and I don't feel right”). The simplest things can be the most difficult to express. 
is Dunedin, New Zealand folk singer Maxine Funke's fourth solo album, and follows her 2020 collaboration with P Wits. It is an quietly assertive and visionary record, a lover’s lament, a revealing memory, and a secluded wander through fields of everyday enchantment; the buzz of a guitar sting, the sounds in the room, a creak of a chair all adding to the sense of delicate intimacy on these recordings. 


  1. Fairy Baby 
  2. Quiet Shore 
  3. Lucky Penny 
  4. Moody Relish 
  5. Anzac Day 
  6. Homage 
  7. Goodbye 


  • Housed in reverse-board jacket 
  • Includes insert 




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