The Map Is Not The Territory by Max Eastley, Fergus Kelly & Mark Wastell on Confront Recordings

Max Eastley, Fergus Kelly & Mark Wastell - The Map Is Not The Territory


  • £12.99


Minimalist light/dark improvised pieces from Max Eastley (electro-acoustic monochord), Fergus Kelly (invented instruments, found metals, electronics) and Mark Wastell (tam tam, metal percussion, piano frame) recorded in London, March 2017.

"The music presented here is enticing and exciting, staggering and interstellar. It's like somewhere in space, waves from the infinite, suspended in a vacuum, continuous and ephemeral. The three musicians manipulate the perception of time. The more the music slows, the more time passes quickly. One is left astounded when the final vibrations gently fade. A beautiful sound experience" - Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg


  1. Tactile Constellations
  2. Dredging The Tarry Crux
  3. Sway And Tilt
  4. Fossil Embossed Obelisk
  5. Inverted Gravity
  6. Seizure Of Light
  7. Moonblanched
  8. Untethered

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