Saet el Haz (The Luck Hour) by Maurice Louca on Northern Spy Records

Maurice Louca - Saet El Haz (The Luck Hour)


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Saet El Haz (The Luck Hour) utilizes instruments from around the world specially tuned to play Arabic Maqams to realise Maurice Louca’s unique experimental compositions. 

Maurice Louca is an Egyptian musician and composer born in Cairo, where he currently lives and works and he is the co-founder of the bands Bikya, Alif and Dwarves of East Agouza. Louca has, in recent years, garnered a global reputation through solo albums and an expanding, evolving lineup of genre-defying collaborations. 


  1. El-fazza’ah (The Slip And Slide) 
  2. Bidayat (Holocene) 
  3. Yara’ (Fire Flies) 
  4. Saet El Haz (The Luck Hour) 
  5. El-gullashah (Foul Tongue) 
  6. Higamah (Hirudinea) 


  • US import 
  • Housed in digipack case 



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