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Matthew J Rolin's self-titled debut album, originally released on the inimitable Feeding Tube records in 2019 and sold out very quickly, showcases Rolin as one of the most creative, versatile and powerful proponents honing their craft in the canon of the American Primitive (and beyond) today. This pressing, on the new imprint Worried Songs, makes the album available for the first time in Europe and the UK. 

With his musical beginnings in series of punk, noise and psychedelic projects and bands in and out of Illinois and Ohio (including collaborations with Wolf Eyes, and his improv duo with Jen Powers), that misspent youth can still be heard in these nine achingly beautiful compositions of solo concert steel string guitar. In the world of American Primitive Guitar, Rolin's is true outsider music - it is ragged and rustic, tired and angry, beautiful and hopeful. 

"The rainy spirit and homespun quality of Rolin's music separates him from more academic fingerstyle contemporaries... Unconcerned with virtuosic technique or reincarnating the ghosts of past guitar heroes, Rolin’s overcast instrumentals convey the reality of his own encounters with folk blues" - Fred Thomas, Pitchfork 


  1. One Day I Will Be Free 
  2. Valley of the Morning 
  3. Siren 
  4. Cold Rooms 
  5. For Henry 
  6. Rivets 
  7. Neverendingness 
  8. Two Fourteen 
  9. Blue Columbus Moon 


 Cover art by American folk-artist Albert Gray 


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