Presences by Matthew Goodheart & Broken Ghost Consort on Infrequent Seams

Matthew Goodheart & Broken Ghost Consort - Presences: Mixed Suite For Five Performers And Nine Instruments


  • £12.99

Presences is a four-movement collaborative composition by San Francisco-based composer, improviser, and sound installation artist Matthew Goodheart. Working with his Broken Ghost Consort (featuring Georg Wissel on clarinet and George Cremaschi on bass), the group is expanded by noted trombonist Matthias Muche and veteran tubist Melyvn Poore. 

Goodheart, known for his “reembodied sound” technique of activating musical instruments using surface transducers, brings this technique to the ensemble as a whole, harnessing the player’s instruments with transducers so that they produce electronic sounds as the performers play. The group of musicians is additionally surrounded by four transducer-activated metal percussion instruments, creating an expensive hybrid ensemble that blends performance and sound installation. 

The collaborative nature of the work emerges from the compositional design. While Goodheart provided an overall framework, each musician recorded a set of instrumental sounds of their own choice. These sounds were then and manipulated according to the compositional parameters, generating the electronic components to be played back in concert through the attached transducers. The ensemble essentially performs alongside a “ghost” of themselves and the autonomously sounding metal percussion. 


  1. Prelude in Disintegrations
  2. Refraction Interlude: clarinet
  3. Impulse Response Variations
  4. Closing Forms


  • US import 
  • Available exclusively from independent stores 
  • Housed in gatefold card jacket with inner-opening and 4mm spine 



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