Matchess - Sacracorpa


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Experimental musician Whitney Johnson has, over the course of her previous two albums as Matchess, considered the sound of sight from different points of view. 2013’s Seraphastra searched for the other side of the visible, 2015’s Somnaphoria filtered that sight thru dream vision. Sacracorpa completes the trilogy, and grapples with the hidden inner realities only ever uncovered during a crisis. 
The music that comprises Sacracorpa was written after a time of personal crisis. Johnson’s extraterrestrial soundscapes pulse and writhe, at times sounding like funeral hymns (opener 'Of The Living') or spiritual invocations, summoning forth the circuit-fried ghosts in the machine that dwell just beyond ('Of Freedom', or the mournful 'The Misty Realm'). Johnson approaches composition from a shamanic perspective, applying not only a set of spiritual principles, but a set of technical principles as well. Rest, fasting, meditation all factor into the creation of Matchess compositions, as well as consistent instrumentation; her Ace Tone organ, viola, a Rhythm Ace drum machine, magnetic tape all run thru effects and augmented by field recordings (recordings of a tributary of the Susquehanna River, a dog barking across the Allegheny Mountains, and an alien radio station in a New Mexican Arroyo, among others.), and Johnson’s own voice (sung using a vocal technique she coins the “sigil mantra”, a hybrid of a Buddhist mantra and Austin Osman Spare’s sigil). 
It is experimental music in the vein of Azalia Snail and Arthur Russell - beautiful, encompassing and always forward looking. 


  1. Of The Living 
  2. Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes 
  3. Ossify Them 
  4. Violent Overthrow (or, The Sense of the Greatest Wealth) 
  5. The Misty Realm 
  6. Of Freedom 


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