Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis

Matana Roberts - Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis


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Matana Roberts returns with the fourth chapter of her extraordinary Coin Coin series - a project that has deservedly garnered the highest praise and widespread critical acclaim for its fierce aesthetic originality and unflinching narrative power.

The first three Coin Coin albums, issued from 2011-2015, charted diverse pathways of modern/avant composition - Roberts calls it “panoramic sound quilting” - and ranged sequentially from large band to sextet to solo, unified by Roberts’ archival and often deeply personal research into legacies of the American slave trade and ancestries of American identity/experience. Roberts also emphasises non-male subjects and thematises these other-gendered stories with a range of vocal and verbal techniques: singspeak, submerged glossolalic recitation, guttural cathartic howl, operatic voice, gentle lullaby, group chant, and the recuperation of various American folk traditionals and spirituals, whether surfacing in fragmentary fashion or as unabridged set-pieces. The root of this vocality comes from her dedication to the legacy of her main chosen instrument, the alto saxophone.


  1. jewels of the sky: inscription
  2. as far as eyes can see
  3. trail of the smiling sphinx
  4. piddling
  5. shoes of gold
  6. wild fire bare
  7. fit to be tied
  8. her mighty waters run
  9. all things beautiful
  10. in the fold
  11. raise yourself up
  12. backbone once more
  13. how bright they shine
  14. raise yourself up / backbone once more / how bright they shine
  15. her mighty waters run / wild fire bare / fit to be tied


  • LP pressed on 180g vinyl and is housed in deluxe uncoated jacket with poly-lined inner-sleeve, two full-colour 12"x24" art prints, featuring collages of Matana’s graphic scores on one side, with credits/liner notes and additional artwork on the other, printed on uncoated 140M archival paper 
  • CD housed in custom uncoated jacket and inner-sleeve 
  • Features artwork by Matana Roberts 
  • LP contains download coupon 



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