Massicot - Kratt


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Finally, Massicot's second album, Kratt, is here! Percussive and expansive post-punk, as ever the groove is the key to Massicot's simple, seductive and human sound.

Massicot, from Geneva, Switzerland, are a band that sounds as if it can barely keep its own energy under control. The songs are reduced to mere skeletons that burst with intensity; the arrangements are full and juicy whilst formed from the simplest elements: the bouncing percussive tapestries are met by with pulsating bass lines, citric guitar hooks and the soothing chant-like choral melodies.

This release is split release from Spurge Recordings (UK), Harbinger Sound (UK), Bongo Joe (Geneva) and Red Wig (Hamburg). No borders, ever.

  1. A
  2. Sulca Kungs
  3. Kratt
  4. Cuska
  5. Saule
  6. Kubiks Rubiks
  7. Kokteilis
  8. Fin Du Monde
  9. Indonezia
  10. Vasarnica


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