Marina Allen - Candlepower


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On her debut album, Candlepower, California's Marina Allen seems to have tapped into an almost-forgotten world of innovative pop song-writing that is, at once, beautifully accessible, and thrillingly off-centre and original. 

Opening track, 'Oh, Louise' begins with a lilting cinematic wistfulness, but, forty-five seconds in, a drum-fill signals the beautiful bittersweet hook-laden pop song, whose melody is as classic as a summer road-trip with a mixtape full of your favourite Carpenters and Broadcast songs. 

There are clear influences that will be familiar to anyone that ever listened to AM radio - Joni Mitchell, America, Kate Bush, Tim Hardin, Carole King - but far from creating a record that's derivative, Allen instead takes her cues from the inventiveness of these pop pioneers and creates in Candlepower a record that pushes at the boundaries of what pop music can be, and embarrasses the glowing mysteries of nighttime, along with the sunshine adventure of endless summer days. 


  1. Oh, Louise 
  2. Original Goodness 
  3. Belong Here 
  4. Sleeper Train 
  5. Believer 
  6. Ophelia 
  7. Reunion 


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  • CD housed in card jacket with 4mm spine and inner sleeve 




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