Map 71 - Gloriosa


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Brighton’s Map 71 are a duo comprised of Andy Pyne (percussion, electronics) and Lisa Jayne (words, voice). Together they have been working away at an approach  that draws from post-punk, improvisation, electronics and other such realms of music to create a refreshing environment where reflection, wry observations, the abstract and immersion can develop. They have existed for a few years now and had several releases out both on their own Foolproof Projects imprint and via a couple of other labels.

Gloriosa itself is a reissue of a very limited cassette album released by Fourth Dimension Records in 2017 but here including six bonus tracks previously issued on a CDr and cassette album.

Map 71's songs aren't really songs. They dispense with melody and the verse/chorus structure for an intentional disconnect between Lisa Jayne's delivery and Andy Pyne's beats. Lisa Jayne doesn't have to shout or accentuate her proclamations, observations and confessions; it's the rhythms that provide movement here. It's not always poetry either. They may have started off as poems but they've evolved and been adapted for Map 71. And while the electronics revel in comparisons with the proto-electronic sound of Suicide and the rhythms of Z'ev, they're just as likely to co-opt the electro beats of techno.


  1. Red Mass
  2. One-dimensional Bang
  3.  Azaleas
  4. CDM
  5. Cruise Night
  6. Monoprint
  7. Default Slogan
  8. Turn on the
  9. XV
  10. Hooked on Dead Distance
  11. Nyara
  12. Down the Well
  13. Way to Bridge

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