Spinneret by Mandhira de Saram and Benoit Delbecq on Confront Recordings

Mandhira De Saram & Benoit Delbecq - Spinneret


  • £12.99


Mandhira de Saram (violin) and Benoît Delbecq (piano) met three years ago in Paris and soon discovered that they loved playing together. They recorded Spinneret a year later, over a day of quiet and meditative composing, at curious distance from the animated playing they are both usually drawn to in their own projects.

With a natural flair for exploring the possibilities of their instruments, they weave together a delicate tapestry of sound and texture, which hangs as though stretched and suspended in the air. Spinneret evokes something of a folk-tale, as these two internationally acclaimed players tell of a unique sonic landscape: vast, subtle, and timeless.


  1. False Widow (6'52”)
  2. Lace Weaver (31’11”)
  3. Snowberry Clearwing (28'56”)

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