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M. Ward - Duet For Guitars #2


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Originally released on CD in 1999, M. Ward’s debut is a sparse, understated and intimate affair, recorded with pal and engineer Adam Selzer of Norfolk & Western at Type Foundry Studio in Portland, OR. Though strikingly less 'produced' than his more recent work, fans already accustomed to Ward’s breathy, conversational vocal delivery and soft-picked, West Coast Americana melodies will also find much to love here. 
Duet for Guitars #2
is peppered with instrumentals in the John Fahey and Bad Timing-era Jim O’Rourke vein, and Ward’s lackadaisical picking sounds just as lazily precise here as it does on future recordings. There’s a real warmth to the sessions, emphasised by the often bare-bones production. For the most part, takes were done live with two microphones, with the occasional overdub, and that style suits Ward’s dreamy tales of molasses-slow teenage summers and oddball parables. 



  1. Duet For Guitars #2
  2. Beautiful Car
  3. Fishing Boat Song
  4. Scene From #12
  5. Good News
  6. The Crooked Spine
  7. Look Me Over
  8. Who May Be Lazy
  9. It Won’t Happen Twice
  10. He Asked Me To Be A Snake And Live Underground
  11. Song From Debby’s Strairs
  12. It Was A Beautiful Car
  13. Were You There?
  14. Not A Gang
  15. Duet For Guitars #1


  • Limited edition reissue
  • Pressed on audiophile vinyl
  • Clear vinyl version exclusive to indie stores
  • Comes in kraft-board sleeve



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