Truth Gotta Stand by The Loved Ones on Beatrocket Records (the album artwork features a black and white photograph of the band)

The Luv'd Ones - Truth Gotta Stand


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Led by no-nonsense, all-purpose, guitar-totin' Char Vinnedge, the Luv'd Ones were light years ahead of their time. Formed in Michigan in 1964, they were an all-female band in an extremely male dominated garage scene, and an industry where women were not expected to play their own instruments, let alone write the songs, create the artwork, book the shows, drive the van and repair the equipment. 
This album collects everything The Luv'd Ones recorded in the '60s for the legendary Dunwich label, including rare single sides, demos and more, with most tracks never-before released. 


  1. Dance Kid Dance 
  2. Up Down Sue 
  3. Stand Tall 
  4. Yeah, I'm Feelin' Fine 
  5. Scratchy 
  6. The Memory Of It All 
  7. Please Get Up 
  8. I'm Leaving You 
  9. Walkin' The Dog 
  10. Come Back 
  11. He Cried 
  12. Truth Gotta Stand 
  13. Walk Me To The Door 
  14. Your Mind Is 
  15. It's Quiet * 
  16. Come On In * 
  17. And When I'm Sad * 
  18. You'll Never Know * 
  19. One Day's Mood * 
  20. Portrait  * 
 * CD only 


  • US import 
  • Original mono recordings 
  • Detailed liner notes includes an extensive interview with Char Vinnedge 
  • Release fully-licensed from Dunwich Records and The Luv'd Ones 
  • LP available exclusively from independent stores 
  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 5mm spine and includes 6 additional tracks 





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