Lunar Vacation - Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp


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The week that guitarists Grace Repasky and Maggie Geeslin turned old enough to drive, Lunar Vacation was officially formed. Repasky and Geeslin met in the eighth grade and began exchanging musical efforts almost immediately, but that blessed autonomy of first cars meant they could conquer Atlanta’s sprawling suburbs and play to their adolescent hearts’ desire. The pair forged a cluster of demos - just enough to fill a set - and took to as many stages as Atlanta could offer them. Local momentum building, they added classmates Matteo DeLurgio on synth and Connor Dowd on drums to sonically match their songs’ increasingly rambunctious spirit. 
Upon high school’s end, Lunar Vacation released a pair of well-received EPs, Swell and Artificial Flavors, and toured the US. Back in Atlanta, Geeslin was working in a record store (Criminal Records) when Daniel Gleason of the band Grouplove came in. Following a quick connection and hours of conversation, the members of Lunar Vacation felt Gleason could be producer to help colour-in the sound they’d been honing live -  melodious guitars swirling atop propulsive, often psychedelic rhythm -  and capture it in the studio. 
The band released the first song from these recordings in June 2021 to critical acclaim. Repasky shared, “I look back now and realize that this song was a pivotal moment in delving into self-identity and ultimately identifying as a non-binary person." The melody is buoyant though agitated, its guitars warbling like question marks and lyrics ringing distinctly relatable. Lines like "This isn’t how I want to be / I didn't know I could care that much and Invited but I’ll never show / Sit at home playing too much Wilco" cut into a listener’s mind and vibrate there, like thoughts of one’s own. There’s a carefree sense of triumph in Repasky’s refrain: "Why don't you just shrug it off?" 
Lunar Vacation's highly anticipated debut album, Inside Every Fig Is A Dead Wasp, boasts a celebratory sound, a reckless sense of ecstasy specific to fluid youth and rock solid friendship. In spite of life’s bits that inspire these songs - some darker than others - Repasky, Geeslin, DeLurgio, and Dowd reliably find the light in the thing, making bright music replete with bliss. 


  1. Purple Dreams no. 4
  2. Peddler
  3. Shrug
  4. Where is Everyone?
  5. Making Lunch (Not Right Now)
  6. Cutting Corners
  7. The Waiting Game
  8. Mold
  9. Gears
  10. Anemone
  11. But Maybe  


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  • LP housed in gatefold jacket with reinforced 8mm spine 
  • CD housed in digioack case 
  • Cassette in clear shell, housed in clear case with J-card 



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