Lithics - Mating Surfaces


  • £15.99

Mating Surfaces is the second full length from Portland, Oregon’s Lithics, following their excellent debut, Borrowed Floors on Water Wing Records; twelve tightly-wound fragments of brittle abstract twin guitar, impellent rhythm, and absurd, imagistic lyricism!

“A stern danceable sound that summons cut up snapshots of Su Tissue and
Mark E Smith, an imagined landscape where Captain Beefheart hits that 99
Records Too Many Creeps beat.” - Layla Gibbon (Maximum Rocknroll, Skinned


  1. Excuse Generator
  2. Still Forms
  3. When Will I Die
  4. Specs
  5. Boyce
  6. Glass Of Water
  7. Be Nice Alone
  8. Flat Rock
  9. Edible Door
  10. Home
  11. Cheryl
  12. Dancing Guy

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