Life Without Buildings - Any Other City


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Originally released on Tugboat Records in February 2001, Any Other City, the only album Life Without Buildings recorded in their brief existence, has slowly become a widely admired cult album, and is finally repressed and available again for the first time in twenty years. 

Life Without Buildings formed in Glasgow in 1999; they existed for three years and then split in 2002, having released just one album and three double A side singles, yet they’ve continued to build a strong underground following in the years since, which has culminated in copies of the original album on vinyl changing hands for exorbitant figures and numerous musicians citing it as a major influence and inspiration. 

Frontwoman Sue Tomkins’ unique vocal delivery, seemingly stream-of conscious, repetitive, and irresistibly somewhere between talking and singing, unravels abstract narratives, and is the perfect foil to the harmonic post-punk-post-rock backing, like Gertrude Stein fronting Slint, or Bob Tilton playing Prolapse songs... This unique sound is ultimately what has made this album’s reputation grow over time, and makes it more absorbing on every listen. 


  1. PS Exclusive 
  2. Let’s Get Out 
  3. Juno 
  4. The Leanover 
  5. Young Offenders 
  6. Philip 
  7. Envoys 
  8. 14 Days 
  9. New Town 
  10. Sorrow 



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