Laura Cannell - The Earth With Her Crowns


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The Earth with Her Crowns is a set of ten tracks which were improvised and recorded in single takes inside Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, London, over two days in February & March 2019. 
In late 2018 composer, performer and improviser Laura Cannell was commissioned by The Wapping Project to capture the resonance of their former building through her improvised music, it would be the final project in response to the iconic space that defined their commissioning for over two decades. 
Entering the cavernous building armed with violins and recorders, Cannell had no preconceived ideas and The Earth With Her Crowns emerged from the conversations with the space itself. The recording came at a time of personal grief after the sudden loss of a loved one. Overwhelming feelings of loss and anxiety were charged into sound inside the resonant power station: "The cold air of the power station felt alive with a nervous energy. It felt like an opportunity to express something at a time when talking had been useless," she says. 
Double recorders, voice, violin and the drone of overbow violin filled the cathedral-like space, which captured, amplified and resonated their sounds, bringing them alive and sculpturing moment by moment, note by note. 


  1. The Earth With Her Crowns 
  2. Waters Deep Cathedral 
  3. A Space For Dreaming 
  4. After You Left 
  5. Having Been Breathed Out 
  6. Black Sleep of Night 
  7. Someone Will Remember us in Another Time 
  8. Memory and Desire 
  9. We Used to Keep Bees in There 
  10. Until I End My Song 




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