Las Kellies - Suck This Tangerine


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Argentinian group Las Kellies' are Cecilia Kelly (bass, guitars, vocals) and Silvina Costa (drums, percussion and vocals). Their new album, Suck This Tangerine, is a garage-pop-bongo-party of indie-psych-dub-ness that matches dance-floor ESG-esque no-wave-repetition with minimalist Breeders-style discord.

Recorded at home in Buenos Aires, the duo was also joined for a guest appearance from former Kellie, Julia Worley.

Not sure what to do for the best? Our advice: suck this tangerine!


  1. Closer
  2. Funny Money
  3. Baby
  4. He's Who's
  5. Matrixland
  6. Despite
  7. Charade
  8. Rid Of You
  9. Weekdays
  10. Let You Go
  11. White Paradise
  12. Close Talker


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