Kristin Hersh – Wyatt At The Coyote Palace

Kristin Hersh – Wyatt At The Coyote Palace


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Hersh’s 2016 solo album is a typically personal and idiosyncratic affair, rich with dense but frank allusions to the dissolution of her 25-year marriage.

"Musically it's about as Kristin-Hersh-solo-work as it could get, and at its best at that, made up of layered acoustic guitars playing chord sequences and melodies that move seamlessly between bizarre and accessible, combining the two in a way that needs to be heard to be believed. With her raspy voice over the top, it has that sense of earthiness that feels just a little magical." Drowned In Sound


  1. Bright
  2. Bubble Net
  3. In Stitches
  4. Secret Codes
  5. Green Screen
  6. Hemingway's Tell
  7. Detox
  8. Wonderland
  9. Day 3
  10. Diving Bell
  11. Killing Two Birds
  12. Guadalupe
  13. American Copper
  14. August
  15. Some Dumb Runaway
  16. From The Plane
  17. Sun Blown
  18. Elysian Fields
  19. Soma Gone Slapstick
  20. Cooties
  21. Christmas Underground
  22. Between Piety And Desire
  23. Shaky Blue Can
  24. Shotgun



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