Kristin Hersh - Possible Dust Clouds


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Released in 2018, Possible Dust Clouds is the tenth solo album from by Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50 Foot Wave), and is a highly personalised sociopathic gem delivered as a futuristic rewriting of how music works, a melodious breeze with a tail wind of venomous din. Enveloping the juxtaposition of the concept of ‘dark sunshine’, a brooding solo record created with friends to expand her off-kilter sonic vision; a squally, squeaky mix of discordant beauty. Feedback and phasing gyrate from simply strummed normality, imagine Dinosaur Jr and My Bloody Valentine cranking up a Dylan couplet. Possible Dust Clouds is a glorious return to form for one of alternative rock’s true innovators. 


“She's still as powerful a presence as she ever was” - Pitchfork 
“The prodigious output and commitment to quality is pretty staggering, but then Kristin Hersh is a very, very special musician” - The Quietus 

“Throwing Muses became a byword for college-rock feminism in the late 80s, largely because of Hersh’s uncompromising impressionist poetry of emotional anguish, subjugated womanhood and mental illness” - The Guardian 


  1. LAX 
  2. No Shade In Shadow 
  3. Halfway Home 
  4. Fox Point 
  5. Lethe 
  6. Loud Mouth 
  7. Gin 
  8. Tulum 
  9. Breathe In 
  10. Lady Godiva 


  • LP includes printed inner-sleeve with lyrics and postcard with download code 
  • CD includes inner-sleeve and booklet with lyrics 




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