Bullungga by Frank Gratkowski & Elisabeth Harnik on Klanggalerie (the album artwork features a colour photograph of bother musicians on stage taking a bow)

Frank Gratkowski & Elisabeth Harnik - Bullungga


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Elisabeth Harnik, an Austrian-based pianist and composer has created a multi-faceted body of work by blurring genre boundaries through various collaborations in the field of improvised music, interdisciplinary projects and contemporary compositional works. As an improviser she works within an electro-acoustic inspired sound-world, using specific preparations and extended techniques while pushing the limitations of the piano. Amongst others she has collaborated with Frank Gratkowski, Dave Rempis & Michael Zerang, Joelle Leandre and Ken Vandermark.

Frank Gratkowski was born in Hamburg in 1963 and studied saxophone in Cologne. Apart from being a soloist in many ensembles, he also performs solo. In 1995 he founded the Frank Gratkowski Trio which since 2000 has been expanded to a quartet.

In 2020, Gratkowski performed duos with Elisabeth Harnik, both at Klangspuren festival in Austria, as well as the Moers Festival in Germany. The tracks on this album were recorded at these remarkable performances. 


  1. Bullungga 
  2. Ngununy 
  3. Wirriga 
  4. Gulamany 
  5. Wubin 
  6. Marrayagong 
  7. Wali 
  8. Berlenggoorrng 
  9. Kuungurrun 


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