Cool Dry Places by Katy Kirby on Keeled Scales Records (the album title is  a colour photograph of Katy Kirby stood in a meadow among cacti; they wear light blue jeans and a white vest and glare off camera; behind them are trees)

Katy Kirby - Cool Dry Place


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Cool Dry Place is Katy Kirby’s long-awaited debut album. 

Katy Kirby is a Texas-based songwriter and indie rock practitioner with an affinity for unspoken rules, misunderstanding and boredom. She was born, raised and home-schooled by two ex-cheerleaders in small-town Texas and started singing in church, amidst the pasteurised-pop choruses of evangelical worship. Like many bible belt late-millennials, Katy grew up on a strict diet of this dependably uncool genre and accordingly, Cool Dry Place finds her dismantling it. “I can hear myself fighting that deeply internalized impulse to make things that are super pleasant or approachable,” she says. Though Katy hasn’t fully overcome the itch to please, it’s to a listener’s benefit. Instead of eradicating the pop sensibilities of her past, she warps them, lacing sugary hooks with sneaky rage, twisting affectionate tones into matter-of-fact reproach, and planting seemingly serene melodies with sonic jabs. The fun is in the clash. 

The nine tracks that make up Cool Dry Place are miscellaneous in subject (motherhood, late capitalism, disintegrating relationships) but unified by the angle from which they’re told: from a person re-learning to process life with intense attention. Each song is a catalogue of fragments, the number of segments in an orange or the cut of an obsessively-worn shirt, distilled into meditations on the bizarre and microscopic exchanges that make up modern life - a relationship splintering, an uncomfortable pause, an understanding finally found. These emotional dioramas are moderated by the angular storytelling that unites Gillian Welch and Phoebe Bridgers, a favour for the conventions of short fiction over confession. 


  1. Eyelids 
  2. Juniper 
  3. Peppermint 
  4. Traffic! 
  5. Tap Twice 
  6. Secret Language 
  7. Portals 
  8. Cool Dry Place 
  9. Fireman 


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  • Coke-bottle clear vinyl is available exclusively from independent stores 
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