Karima Walker - Waking The Dreaming Body


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Waking the Dreaming Body is the follow-up to Tucson artist Karima Walker's acclaimed 2017 album Hands In Our Names. The album includes dense harmonic arrangements of synthesizer, guitar, piano, percussion, field recordings, tape loops and Karima's dulcet singing voice. 

The result is a forty-minute dream-narrative that oscillates between the rich textures of her more abstract work and the melody and poetry of her melancholic, Americana-tinged songwriting. The ebb and flow of these two styles recalling the state of half-consciousness between dreaming and waking. 

Landscape has always played a huge role in Walker's work, and throughout Waking the Dreaming Body, she evokes the delicacy, grandeur and terrifying enormity of her desert home in the American Southwest, where the album was created. The mountains, rivers and starry skies are referenced throughout her lyrics, grounding the sense of liminal otherworldliness. 

"A perfect balance of beauty and abstraction" - Mojo 

"Exquisitely crafted" - GoldFlakePaint 


  1. Reconstellated 
  2. Softer 
  3. Interlude 
  4. Window I 
  5. Window II 
  6. Horizon, Harbor Resonance 
  7. Waking the Dreaming Body 
  8. For Heddi 
  9. Uncovering 


  • Limited gold vinyl LP exclusive to indie stores 
  • Pressed on 160g vinyl 
  • CD housed in card wallet 
  • LP and cassette formats contain download coupon 




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