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Julia Shapiro - Zorked


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In March 2020, Julia Shapiro, of Chastity Belt, Childbirth, and Who Is She? packed up her things and traded Seattle’s late-winter gloom for the perennial sunshine and seemingly endless opportunity of Los Angeles, only to be forced into near-total isolation as the pandemic hit. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, she began working on her second solo album, Zorked. On the resulting batch of songs, we’re given Julia’s vision of Los Angeles: a wasteland melting in slow-motion, a place to commune with ghosts and warped legacies. 

Living within earshot of a man who spent his entire 2020 singing karaoke for over 10 hours a day, Julia could write, record, and play an album’s worth of instruments without fear of noise complaints. Her roommate Melina Duterte (Jay Som) transformed their house into a viable home studio, making it easy to fully realise the sound in her head, even at the height of a global lockdown. Taking things a step further, Melina agreed to co-produce the record, pushing Julia to make these new songs sound less like Perfect Version, her first solo album, or like the songs she performs in Chastity Belt. At the peak of her uncertainty and discomfort, she jumped into the deep end in search of something new and found power in heavy sounds. 

This is evident in the first few seconds of album opener 'Death (XIII).' Taking newfound inspiration from the namesake Tarot card, drone metal, and shoegaze, Julia layers walls of guitars, bass chords, and programmed drums. 'Come With Me,' the album’s lead single, takes inspiration from a mushroom trip gone bad. “Take me to awful places now,” she sings, envisioning heat death as her own eyes stare directly into the sun. On 'Wrong Time,' shimmering guitars smoulder and levitate, yet she finds herself “stuck inside this hole I’ve dug.” That said, these songs aren’t unbearably sad, nor has Julia become any less of a merciless observer of human behaviour. By album closer 'Hall of Mirrors,' she’s come full circle. Over fingerpicked guitar, the sense of lost identity becomes all-encompassing. It’s the sound of a life lived in servitude to digital screens and the psychic damage invisibly done along the way. 

Though Julia Shapiro found herself in a near hermit-like existence, writing and recording almost all of the album’s instruments herself and struggling to navigate her place in a city and world rendered nearly comatose, she maintains a sense of humour about all of it. At the very least, “It’s funny to force people to have to say Zorked out loud. Any other title sounded pretentious.” 


  1. Death (XIII) 
  2. Come With Me 
  3. Wrong Time 
  4. Someone 
  5. Reptile! Reptile! 
  6. Pure Bliss 
  7. Hellscape 
  8. Do Nothing About It 
  9. Zorked 
  10. Hall of Mirrors 


  • US import 
  • First pressing on Coke-bottle-green vinyl, and limited to 1750 copies 
  • LP includes double-sided insert, and contains download coupon 
  • CD housed in gatefold jacket with 7mm spine 




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