Joy Division - Closer


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Originally released in 1980 on Factory Records, Closer, is Joy Division's second and final studio album. 

"Although Martin Hannett’s production was more layered and complex than it had been on Unknown Pleasures, it still sounds creepily naturalistic. Even the rhythmic clang of ‘Atrocity Exhibition’ exudes just the right amount of unease, while Curtis’ (surely self-referential) lyric – “For entertainment they watch his body twist/ Behind his eyes he says, ‘I still exist’’’ – displays the honesty many a lesser artist would shy away from. It’s Curtis who inevitably ended up being mythologised, but to focus on the frontman is to do a real disservice to his bandmates. Closer is lusher, more adventurous and more atmospheric than its predecessor, and much of the credit for that must go to Sumner, Hook and Morris. There are some wonderful individual moments: from Sumner’s icy keyboard riff that underpins ‘Isolation’ to Morris’ bravura performance on ‘Colony’, this was clearly the work of a band as a whole at the peak of their powers" - NME 


  1. Atrocity Exhibition 
  2. Isolation 
  3. Passover 
  4. Colony 
  5. A Means To An End 
  6. Heart And Soul 
  7. Twenty Four Hours 
  8. The Eternal 
  9. Decades 


  • LP pressed on 180g vinyl and cut from 2007 remasters 
  • CD housed in 8-panel double-digipack case with 15mm spine, and includes 24-page booklet 
  • Features original artwork 




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