The Fellowship by Joseph Sabason on Western Vinyl (the album sleeve features an illustration of a curved brick wall on a bed of daisy-dotted grass beneath a star-studded sky; the artist name appears above the illustration, and album title below).

Joseph Shabason - The Fellowship


  • £20.99

The Fellowship is an intimate, honest, and universal album of jazz-imbued experimental healing music, on which Toronto saxophonist Joseph Shabason reckons with, and eventually renounces, his upbringing in an Islamic and Jewish dual-faith household. 

Although Shabason's music is instrumental, it sets out to tell a story with complex themes, and this album may be his most emotionally articulate yet, and a guide to a softer light for those lost in the woods of repression and self-doubt that organised religion can be at its worst. 


  1. Life With My Grandparents 
  2. Escape From North York 
  3. The Fellowship 
  4. 0-13 
  5. 13-15 
  6. 15-19 
  7. Comparative World Religions 
  8. So Long 



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