Coltrane Time by John Coltrane on Essential Jazz Classics (the album cover is a colour photograph of John Coltrane with a saxophone on his knee and his chin in his hand, looking off camera smiling).

John Coltrane - Coltrane Time


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The only recorded collaboration between John Coltrane and either pianist Cecil Taylor or bebop trumpeter Kenny Dorham was originally released in 1959 as Hard Driving Jazz by The Cecil Taylor Quintet, and reissued in 1962 as Coltrane Time

Backed by bassist Chuck Israels and drummer Louis Hayes, the session, recorded in New York on October 13th 1958, is a remarkable meeting between Taylor and Coltrane's avant-garde tendencies and the more melodic stylings of Dorham. Although it is known there was tension between the musicians, the musical differences created a brilliant post-bop record that ushered in some of the revolutionary sounds of the next decade, while swinging effortlessly and the whole time. 

Every member of the quintet gets to shine on this album, and while Coltrane continued to push the boundaries of his signature saxophone sound, it is Cecil Taylor's perfectly dissonant, and sometimes abstract, thumping of the piano keys offsetting Dorham's breathless strictly-bop trumpet that gave the record its unique uneasy driving feel. 

This limited edition release includes six bonus tracks recorded by Coltrane during the same period: 'Monk's Mood' is from a trio session with Thelonious Monk (piano) and Wilbur Ware (bass), recorded April 16th 1957; 'Why Was I Born is a duet with Kenny Burrell (guitar) from March 7th 1958; while the remaining tracks were recorded on August 16th 1957 as a trio with Earl May (bass) and Arthur Taylor (drums). 


  1. Shifting Down 
  2. Just Friends 
  3. Like Someone In Love 
  4. Double Clutching 
  5. Like Someone In Love [bonus track] 
  6. I Love You  [bonus track] 
  7. Tranes Slow Blues [bonus track] 
  8. Slowtrane [bonus track] 
  9. Why Was I Born? [bonus track] 
  10. Monk's Mood [bonus track] 


  • Limited edition deluxe 6-panel digipack case  
  • Includes booklet with extensive liner notes 




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