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Joe Byrd And The Field Hippies - The American Metaphysical Circus


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Joseph Byrd was a key member of the highly influential American psychedelic group United States Of America. The band’s self-titled album from 1968 was a ground-breaking work in American popular music, although Byrd departed the band to pursue new musical interests. 

Securing the backing of Columbia Records, he assembled a new group of musicians (including noted saxophonist Tom Scott) and a series of recording sessions produced The American Metaphysical Circus

Even more experimental than his work with United States of America, Joseph Byrd produced a masterpiece that was to feature clever use of tape loops and some of the earliest use of synthesizers in rock music. A stunning album that would influence future generations of musicians, The American Metaphysical Circus, originally released in 1969, is now regarded as a landmark release in American experimental and psychedelic music of the late-Sixties. 


The Sub-Sylvian Litanies: 
  1. Kalyani 
  2. You Cant Ever Come Down 
  3. Moonsong: Pelog 

    American Bedmusic I - Four Dreams For A Departing President: 
  4. Patriots Lullabye 
  5. Nightmare Train 
  6. Invisible Man 
  7. Mister 4th Of July 
    Gospel Music For Abraham Ruddell Byrd III: 
  8. Gospel Music 

    The South Western Geriatrics Arts And Crafts Festival: 
  9. The Sing-Along Song 
  10. The Elephant At The Door 
  11. Leisure World 
  12. The Sing-Along Song (Reprise) 


  • Newly re-mastered 
  • CD housed in jewel case with clear tray 
  • Features original artwork 
  • Includes booklet with new essay 



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