Joan Shelley - Over And Even


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Joan Shelley's third album, 2015's highly-acclaimed Over And Even, is a beautifully realised record that blends classic songwriting with an innovative Louisville americana touch. 
Featuring contributions from fellow Louisville, Kentucky musicians Will Oldham (Palace, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy), Rachel Grimes (Rachel's), and long-time collaborator Nathan Salsburg, Over And Even is as comforting and melancholic as a gentle rain, and just as timeless. 



  1. Brighter Than The Blues 
  2. Stay On My Shore 
  3. Over And Even 
  4. Not Over By Half 
  5. Ariadne’s Gone 
  6. No More Shelter 
  7. Easy Now 
  8. Lure And Line 
  9. Jenny Come In 
  10. Wine And Honey 
  11. My Only Trouble 
  12. Subtle Love 


  • US import 
  • CD housed in gatefold jacket with 8mm spine 




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