Ginko by Joan Shelley on No Quarter Records (the sleeve artwork is a colour photograph of Joan Shelley, over-exposed and awash with sunlight through a window. In the photograph Shelley is seen in profile, looking down next to some recording equipment with a small vase a flowers atop them; Shelley's long blond hair is tucked behind her ear; there is no text on the front of the sleeve).

Joan Shelley - Ginko


  • £22.99

Originally released on CD in 2012 and long-elusive to fans, Louisville, KY's Joan Shelley's debut album, Ginko, finally receives its first vinyl release in 2021. 
A beautiful brooding debut of delicately sprawling americana, with gentler melancholia like 'By The Ohio' and 'Siren' showing signs of what was to follow, the album also features her first collaboration with guitarist Nathan Salsburg on 'Sure As Night.' 


“Dazzling poetic imagery” - The Guardian 

“Radiant sense of calm” - NPR Music 



  1. Ginko 
  2. Ice 
  3. The Pain For Your Pleasure 
  4. Siren 
  5. Sure As Night 
  6. Into The Sea 
  7. Sweet Dark-Haired Man 
  8. Your Doll 
  9. The Door 
  10. Unbound 
  11. By The Ohio 


  • US import 
  • Available exclusively from independent stores 
  • Pressed on sea-green coloured vinyl 
  • Housed in deluxe gatefold Tip-On jacket with 8mm spine 
  • Limited to 2000 copies worldwide 




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