Electric Ursa by Joan Shelley on No Quarter Records (the album alrtwork is a colour photograph of Joan Shelley looking back over her shoulder out of a window, the ledge of which she appears to be sat upon; the artist name and album title are printed in a beige 1930's-style font at the top-right of the sleeve).

Joan Shelley - Electric Ursa


  • £22.99

Originally released in 2014 on No Quarter, Electric Ursa was Joan Shelley's breakthrough release, but was recorded out of the spotlight, in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a quiet, eight-song record which owes much to the post-rock history of its hometown, and features fellow Kentucky musicians including guitarist Nathan Salsburg and The Other Years' Anna Krippenstapel. 


  1. Something Small 
  2. Rising Air 
  3. First of August 
  4. River Low 
  5. Remedios 
  6. Long Way To Night 
  7. Moss & Marrow 
  8. Electric Ursa 


  • US import 
  • 2021 LP reissue pressed on purple vinyl and housed in deluxe Tip-On gatefold jacket with 8mm spine, limited to 2000 copies worldwide, and available exclusively from independent stores 
  • CD housed in gatefold card jacket with 7mm spine 




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