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Janet Beat - Pioneering Knob Twiddler


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Composer and electronic music pioneer Janet Beat has been making beautiful electro-acoustic work since the early 1960's, despite the fact that many people, including her parents and other musicians in the male-dominated post-war electronic field, tried to dissuade her. 

While she began composing in secret, by the late-50's she was one of the ground-breaking musicians working in the new medium of electronic sound, alongside Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram. 

Her early 1960's tape work was all destroyed by her father when he used her tapes to hang up his tomato plants, but the late 70's and 80's work has survived, and is released here for the very first time. It is sublime electro-acoustic music, and much of it sounds like it has been beamed in from another planet. 

As well as her musique concrete pieces, Beat also composed for orchestra and chamber ensembles, and her music was performed internationally. Now in her 80's, Beat continues to write music, and in 2019 was presented with the first Lifetime Achievement Award by Scotland Women Inventing Music. 


  1. Dancing On Moonbeams 
  2. Lighthouses 
  3. Lighthouses Waltz 
  4. Echoes From Bali 
  5. A Willow Swept By Train 
  6. Shirabe,Piangam 



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