Isotope Soap - Monitored By Zu Tse


  • £17.99


Demented Swedish synth skronk, paranoid visions. and inverted futurism. Imagine a manic stop-start mash up of Devo, Servotron, Yummy Fur and Pain Teens and you'll be somewhere close to the energy of Isotope Soap's debut LP.


  1. Pussy Riding Cowboy Buddhas
  2. Frontal Disorder Post Mental Border
  3. Hate
  4. Fancy Inbred Humans
  5. Circle Jerk
  6. Magnetic Abortion Of A Black Hole
  7. Dad Attack
  8. High One Wildlife
  9. The Wow! Signal
  10. I Saved You From Jesus
  11. Reversed Big Bang
  12. The Roof
  13. Human Invasion
  14. Trump Des Willens
  15. Pinata Chaos
  16. Radiated Head
  17. Emdrive Thruster


Pressed on grey vinyl

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