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Universally acclaimed as a pioneer in live laptop electronics, Ikue’s signature style is still uniquely her own and has influenced two generations of laptop performers. Her new band project Obelisk is a super-band featuring three of the most acclaimed and original players in the Downtown scene - Okkyung Lee (cello), Jim Black (drums) and Sylvie Courvoisier (piano).

Ikue’s startling compositions blend gorgeous melodies with hypnotic rhythms and evocative soundscapes. Strange and beautiful music from a legendary master of laptop improvisation!

After moving to New York from her native Tokyo in 1977, Ikue Mori began playing drums in seminal no wave band DNA with fellow noise pioneers Arto Lindsay and Tim Wright. In the mid 1980s, Ikue began to employ drum machines in the context of improvised music. While limited to the standard technology provided by the drum machine, she nonetheless forged her own signature style. Throughout in 1990s she collaborated with numerous improvisors throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, while continuing to produce and record her own music. After becoming involved with the city’s flourishing improvisational scene via John Zorn, she began experimenting with drum machines, and in recent years utilizes the laptop as her primary instrument.


  1. QuickSilver
  2. Blue Moon and Yellow Dune
  3. Mozu
  4. Invisible Fingers
  5. Hotaru
  6. Invisible Hands
  7. Among Other Seeds—Vines, Lotus, Hydrangea, Chrysanthemum
  8. Steel Cave
  9. Insomniac Bird
  10. Koya Hijiri


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