Cabled Linear Traction by Hood on Slumberland Records

Hood - Cabled Linear Traction


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Hood were a prolific band from Leeds, formed in 1990 by brothers Richard and Chris Adams. Their knack of combining lo-fi noise inventiveness with an indie-songwriting brilliance, led them to become one of the most beloved and respected bands in the UK underground. Along with bands like Flying Saucer Attack, they helped create a new vocabulary in raw-experimentation and 4-track tape manipulation that held genuine emotional weight, outsider-pop appeal, and a rural post-rock foresight. 
Cabled Linear Traction was originally issued in a small vinyl-only edition on Fluff Records in 1994 before being repressed in the US by Slumberland in 1995. This CD reissue was released in 1999. 



  1. Norfolk 
  2. Evening Return 
  3. Untitled 
  4. The Hay Harvest Had Special Charms 
  5. An Oblique View Of An Irrationally Happy Time 
  6. Small Town Prejudices 
  7. Abstracting Electricity 
  8. A Spell Of Rain 
  9. Fades To End A Day 
  10. Fashion Mistake Of The Decade 
  11. Summers Last Annual 
  12. Coastal Driftings 
  13. British Radars 
  14. Church, Circular 
  15. Be Nice To Everyone At All Times (With Few Important Exceptions) 
  16. Finite Differences 
  17. Highly Competitive Cut Throat World 
  18. 9 Untitled #2 
  19. A Thinly Veiled Excuse For Something More 


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