Gran Sur by Hello Cuca on La Castanya Records (the album cover features a black and white band photograph of Mabel, Alfonso and Lidia of Hello Cuca stood among trees holding instruments

Hello Cuca - Gran Sur


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Originally released on CD in 2004 by the band's own Rompepistas label, Gran Sur is the debut album by Spain's most beloved post-riot grrrl DIY surf-punk band. This very limited reissue on La Castanya is the first time the album has been released on vinyl. 

Formed in Murcia in 1997 by sisters Lidia and Mabel Damunt, and Alfonso Melero, Hello Cuca released on a handful of 7" EPs between the late-nineties and early-two thousands before recording their debut, and only full length, album Gran Sur. Infinitely cool and endlessly infectious, Mabel (bass) and Alfonso's (drums) consistently restrained badaboom behind Lidia's incendiary guitar and vocals created the perfect irresistibly-danceable garage-punk-fracas, and made them one of the most cherished and inspiring bands in DIY indie, touring the US with the likes of The Make-Up and Bratmobile, and appearing at numerous Ladyfests around the world. 

"Hello Cuca was, quite simply, the best punk-rock trio ever. Not nearly enough people know this, but now you know. Gran Sur is them at their floor-tom-driven, exhilarating, mysterious, heartbreaking best" - Manolo Martínez, Astrud 

  1. Gran Sur 
  2. Rock del despertador 
  3. Doo-Wah-Da 
  4. Cuídate 
  5. Los críos que conocimos en el videoclub 
  6. A quién le dejas verlo 
  7. Lady Yo 
  8. Hay una fiesta 
  9. Azúcar amargo  
  10. Mis lágrimas 
  11. Zapatos Cha Cha Cha 
  12. Menú completo 


  • Spanish import 
  • Limited edition pressing 


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