Helene Barbier - Have You Met Elliott?


  • £17.99

French Canadian Helene Barbier, (formely Moss Lime) presents a delightful and remarkable debut full length, with post-punk melodic leanings that will delight fans of The Raincoats, Azalia Snail, and Lizzy Mercier Descloux.

The drive to learn and create that comes with understanding there's no such thing as a mistake. Picardie native Hélène Barbier has long flirted with music, skirting along its fringes yet convinced that its practice was restricted to those with access to its deepest, most arcane secrets. When she arrived in Montreal in 2012, she discovered another approach to the discipline, in a flexible and open community that celebrated accidents and fostered a free-wheeling attitude towards the things we don't master.

Composed in broad strokes in her room, Have You Met Elliott? Became an emotional taking-stock of bullying, ostracization, thinking straight, and safe places. Continuing in her usual spirit of candor, creative joy and gift of the gab, Hélène cobbles together, in an approximate English articulated around sound more than meaning.


  1. It's a Good Thing
  2. Not so Impressed
  3. Where is the Dog
  4. Country Club
  5. Discipline Alley
  6. I Forgot
  7. Shes a Bully
  8. Cold
  9. One Horse Town
  10. Wide
  11. Tidal Bore

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