Helena Meirelles - A Rainha Da Viola Caipira


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Helena Meirelles was one of Brazil's greatest guitarists and composer of caipira music, the rural folk music of Brazil, often played on the distinctive ten-string guitar. 

A midwife by trade, it was not until 1994, when Meirelles was seventy years old, that she released debut self-titled album, and was heralded by Guitar Player magazine as one of the top 100 guitar players in the world. Two more albums followed - Flor da Guavira (1996) and Raiz Pantaneira (1997) - and Meirelles passed away in 2005 aged eighty-one. 

This beautifully-produced album, a twenty-five track compilation which translates as 'The Queen of Caipira Guitar,' is made up of recordings from her three albums, and is the first time her music (or indeed any caipira music) has been released outside of Brazil. 


  1. Guaxo 
  2. Saudades Do Meu Velho Pai 
  3. A Familia Arrastapé 
  4. O Passo Do Tico-Tico 
  5. Mercedita 
  6. A Volta Da Guira Campana 
  7. Fiquei Sozinha 
  8. Flor Da Guavira 
  9. Fandango Em Porto 
  10. Chalana 
  11. Limpa Banco 
  12. Durcelina 
  13. Epitaciana 
  14. Tropeiro 
  15. Cerro Cora 
  16. Flor De Jasmin 
  17. Guiomar 
  18. Quatro Horas De Madrugada 
  19. Rincao Guarani 
  20. Amelia Boiadeira 
  21. Me Pega Por Favor 
  22. 1º De Maio 
  23. Viradouro 
  24. Xote Bem-Te-Vi 
  25. Epitaciana 


  • Double-LP housed in double-scored jacket with 5mm spine, and includes full-colour printed insert with liner notes by Fernando Naporano and photographs 
  • CD housed in jewel case with card outer slip case, and includes 8-page booklet with liner notes by Fernando Naporano and photographs 




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