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Half Japanese – Invincible


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Puppet people, vampires and the walking dead frequent the world of Jad Fair’s songwriting - outside of those interruptions he’s besotted. Maybe even in love. He feels invincible and as the closing instrumental cut ‘Indestructible’ floats off into the ether there’s a feeling of job done; we can rest tonight; everything is good; we are loved and in love. 

“Hooray for love!” Jad intones on ‘All At Once’. It comes to us all… eventually. 

On their last excursion into the studio, 2018's Why Not?, Pop Matters summed them up as so: “Half-Japanese are a respected institution. They've been making noise since the late '70s. Noise is an important word here because one defining feature of the group is this.” 

On Invincible, they continue to be uncategorizable, joyous, detuned, quizzical, alluring, childlike, charming, innocent, questioning. It’s pop music for those outside of pop music. It has songs for those still bedevilled by one liners and abrasive melodies.

"Still creating some of the most engaging recordings of their lives, and that's truly something to believe in.” - AllMusic


  1. Swept Away
  2. Love Explosion
  3. The Puppet People
  4. Return Of The Vampire
  5. Or Ever Will
  6. No More
  7. All At Once
  8. The Walking Dead
  9. Forever In My Heart
  10. What Are You Gonna Do?
  11. It's Here
  12. Invincible
  13. No Wonder
  14. It Has Me
  15. Indestructible

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